Analyzing Performance Indices with Query Terms Associated with Data Servers

  • Mishra Anil KumarEmail author
  • Mishra Ashis Kumar
  • Mohapatra Yogomaya
  • Mishra Sambit Kumar
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 37)


While associated with the huge volume of data, generally it is observed that it may require specific analytical capabilities along with the desired efficiency to process the data. The primary significance may lie with its analytical use that may help to generate a justifiable decision. The main characteristics associated with these type of data may be volume representing the amount of data produced from multiple sources, variety representing the data types with increasing the number of Internet users, velocity representing the speed of data frequency from different sources, veracity representing the quality of the data and moreover the value representing the value of huge amount of data. Considering this scenario, adaptation of the concept of virtualization may be thought of to associate on-demand computer resources and systems to facilitate a number of integrated computer services to facilitate the access to the users instead of depending on local resources. Implementing the technique, a variety of online services such as virtual server storage, and applications and licensing for desktop applications may be offered. It is being clearly understood that the concept of virtualization may be suitably applied towards application and use of encapsulating software layer which may provide the same inputs, outputs for the specific applications. Accordingly, the software that performs such applications may be termed as a hypervisor, or virtual machine monitor. Indeed, the virtual machine may be the logical equivalence of the physical machine. Being associated with multiple virtual machines on the same hardware may logically perform the simultaneous operations and also quite comparable with separate air-gapped physical machines to enhance the security measures. In this paper, it has been proposed to analyze the performance of data servers considering the query terms along with their performance indices.


Query terms Virtualization Virtual machines Data centers Query index 


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  3. 3.Department of CS&EngineeringOrissa Engineering CollegeBhubaneswarIndia

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