An Analytical Approach to Document Clustering Techniques

  • Vikas ChoubeyEmail author
  • Sanjay Kumar Dubey
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Clustering is a technique that group data together based on their similarity and apart based on their dissimilarity. When this technique is applied to documents and the terms within these documents retrieval of similar documents become easy and efficient. Document clustering is being researched and utilized for many years but is yet far from being optimal. To study and analyze different document clustering algorithm, a theoretical literature review and analysis was performed and the results are presented in this paper. This paper comprises of theoretical review of papers. 95 papers were identified and out of these 30 were selected. Various techniques or algorithms and modifications to previous algorithms proposed for document clustering by various researchers are compiled and presented with the intent that it will aid the researchers in finding out the current and future scope of research in information retrieval systems and document clustering technologies.


Document clustering Information retrieval system Clustering K-Means Precision Algorithm 


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