Broadband Power-Line Communication in Self-Reliant Microgrid Distribution Network-an Overview

  • Z. A. JafferyEmail author
  • Ibraheem
  • Mukesh Kumar Varma
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1077)


Broadband communication has become an essential part of modern life. The broadband communication over power line is an emerging technology that conveys information through the prevailing power-line structure. The self-reliant distribution network is independent flexible cells operating with distributed energy resource and local loads at low-voltage distribution network. A microgrid is an ultimate power system to use renewable energy sources for electric energy generation. Generation using renewable energy sources can decrease greenhouse effects; though, it cannot meet the request of loads strongly. In this paper, power-line communication techniques that have been in use for microgrid are discussed and summarized. The paper also incorporates the various modeling aspects of power-line communication channel of the self-reliant microgrid distribution network. The simulation study is also carried out and the results for Quadrature binary shift keying (QPSK) are presented. The simulation results obtained for SNR based on the threshold BER compared with those calculated theoretically. These results are found to be comparable.


Broadband power-line communication Channel modeling Channel characteristics Microgrid 


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