Motion Intervene Surveillance Control Using IoT

  • Annapurna KaiEmail author
  • Mohamad Zikriya
  • Jayashree D. Mallapur
  • Shridevi C. Hiremath
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1077)


Safety and security have always become a basic necessity for the people. With the growing concern over physical security, surveillance cameras have been installed outdoors more and more in every industry sector and public space from towns, airports and railroad stations to offices, retailers, healthcare providers and more. Installing cameras under the open sky with expensive outdoor housings became essential to monitor and detect the unusual activity outside the home/offices, Installation of a CCTV based surveillance for home is costly as it requires additional components like hard disk for storage, a monitor display and a 24 × 7 connected Wi-Fi router for surveillance of home over internet. The other drawback of using CCTV as for surveillance is that, it does not provide any alerts or notification to the user whenever an event occurs, and thus there is no preventive option given in the CCTV Surveillance. To solve this problem, we came across an idea of Smart home surveillance using IoT and also we tend to provide an affordable Smart home surveillance keeping the minimal cost that can be used by a family/person having the average source of income. The overall working of the device is handled by a controller board, interfaced along with a camera that would trigger an alert message referring the motion in front of the camera. Another advantage of our device is, it tends to work on a fully autonomous mode by capturing image of moving body (i.e. Human being, Animal).


Surveillance Home security CCTV IoT 


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  • Jayashree D. Mallapur
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  • Shridevi C. Hiremath
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