Cog-SDN: Mitigation Mechanism for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Software Defined Networks

  • P. Mohana PriyaEmail author
  • K. R. Manjula
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1116)


Software Defined Network is a novel network paradigm that decouples forwarding devices from the controller. Distributed Denial of Service attack is the most common threat found in which an attacker floods request messages to the victim. These attacks saturate control plane and degrade the service for legitimate traffic flows. In this research work, Cognitive-Software Defined Network is proposed which uses an unsupervised Deep Belief Network algorithm to defend against attacks. Deep Belief Network self-learns the flow payload details and detects flooding attacks when the counter exceeds the threshold value. The proposed mitigation method is deployed in the SDN controller which monitors the incoming traffic flows and blocks the malicious hosts. The experimental results show that Cognitive Software Defined Network outperforms in terms of bandwidth consumption, installation of flow entries with attack detection time when compared with SLICOTS.


Software Defined Networks Cognition Distributed Denial of Service Attack Self-learning Deep Belief Network 


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