Self-driving Cars: An Overview of Various Autonomous Driving Systems

  • V. ShreyasEmail author
  • Skanda N. Bharadwaj
  • S. Srinidhi
  • K. U. Ankith
  • A. B. Rajendra
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 94)


A car that can navigate by itself without being dependent on human for inputs is known as a self-driving car. There has been a great advancement in automobile industry which is bringing new technologies every day. There are various types of autonomous cars and they are divided based on their level of automation, which includes level 0 to level 5. Advanced methodologies are used to build these cars, and concepts like machine learning and computer vision play a vital role in development of these cars. The accuracy varies based on lots of factors including both internal and external factors. This paper presents survey done on various technologies used in these cars with their results and also about their current trends.


Autonomous car Self-driving cars Autonomous vehicle Neural network 


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  • Skanda N. Bharadwaj
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  • S. Srinidhi
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  • K. U. Ankith
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  • A. B. Rajendra
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  1. 1.Department of Information Science and EngineeringVidyavardhaka College of EngineeringMysuruIndia

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