The Epilogue: Does the So-Called Lucifer Effect Exist?

  • Gagari Chakrabarti
  • Tapas Chatterjea


This chapter concedes that the problems in the process of ethical decision making in workplaces assume an assortment of intriguing dimensions. Individuals are often constrained by circumstances, which they find difficult to overcome. Ethically inconsistent behaviour, as pointed out by the study, is a manifestation of complex and intertwining factors. While lack of intrinsic morality restricts one to follow the ethical path, the proximal and distal factors put no less severe constraint. In the absence of any suitable hiring strategy that could judge the moral instinct of individuals, the problem of adverse selection may be acute. The ethical climate in organisations, moreover, opens up opportunities for intentional violation of ethics. Along with the presence of such phenomenon of moral hazards, the organisations often witness the presence of a Lucifer effect where the inappropriate ethical infrastructure is capable enough to transform good people into evil.


Adverse selection Moral hazard Ethical decision making Induced unethical decision Ethical dilemma Ethical blind spot 


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