Study on Traffic Safety Security System at the Entrance of Middle and Primary School

  • Fengchun HanEmail author
  • Yifan Jiang
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As a focal point of traffic safety, school area has received extensive attention. Especially in the peripheral areas of primary schools. During the period of schooling, motorcades, motorcycles, and non-motor vehicles are accumulating at school gates, and a large number of pedestrians are mixed there too, which cause traffic disorder. In addition, primary and secondary school students have their own characteristic of crossing the street, so the security of the elementary school area needs more targeted measures. This article starts with the analysis of road traffic characteristics and the traffic accident characteristics in front of primary and secondary schools. Combining typical real cases, this paper proposes security protection measures from traffic organization, traffic enforcement, and transportation facilities. Further constructing a traffic safety guarantee system provides an important guideline for ensuring the safety of traffic in front of primary and secondary schools.


Traffic characteristics Traffic organizations Pedestrian sections Safety guarantees 


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