Pedal Effects Modeling for Stringed Instruments by Employing Schemes of DSP in Real Time for Vocals and Music

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In this paper, it is proposed to put forward musical sound effects processing system based on virtual analog modeling and digital signal processing techniques. The effects used most commonly by musicians such as, fuzz, phaser, distortion reverb, echo, flanger tremolo, vibrato, etc., are generated by analog circuits. Here, we propose to generate these effects by using the concept of digital signal processing filters. The proposed system works on wave files and also on the buffered audio which is fed from the microphone input of computer. The proposed system is built around by using the codes in Scilab/Octave and the sequences of effects are sequenced depending on the musicians/artists choice. The various concepts of filtering in digital signal processing are used. The results obtained are compared with the commercially available systems.


Fuzz Distortion Flanger Vibrato Reverb 


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