Enhancement of Feedstock Composition and Fuel Properties for Biogas Production

  • S. ChozhavendhanEmail author
  • G. Gnanavel
  • G. Karthiga Devi
  • R. Subbaiya
  • R. Praveen Kumar
  • B. Bharathiraja
Part of the Energy, Environment, and Sustainability book series (ENENSU)


Biogas production has materialized as an auspicious technology for the conversion of renewable energy sources such as agricultural, animal, industrial and municipal wastes into a beneficial form of energy. Biogas production is a very attractive and changeling task because of its slower degradation and requires higher retention time via anaerobic digestion (AD) process. Additionally, there is a chance of toxic intermediates in some of these feedstock may result in the decline of the biogas production process. This Biogas technology can be integrated with various strategies to mitigate the environmental pollution. high availability and low cost of these feedstocks promote new strategies for the minimization of waste. Considerable efforts in chic research are undertaken in order to upgrade the composition of the feedstock, efficiency in terms of fuel property and flexibility of biogas production to enhance the economic viability of biogas plants. Along with the methane, biogas consists of various compounds like CO2, H2S, water vapor, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen which tend to pull down the calorific value when compared with natural gas. Absorption, adsorption, cryogenic method and membrane-based gas permeation are several technologies employed to increase the fuel property of biogas.


Biogas Anaerobic digestion Absorption Adsorption Cryogenic method 


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