Chen X and Zhao X v. The People’s Government of Yimen County, Yunnan Province—The Grant of the Certificates by the Administrative Agency, though Flawed Procedurally, May not be Revoked Necessarily

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  • Wenfei Liu
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The administrative registration of the housing or housing property is the ascertainment or the confirmation of the transfer or the alteration of the title to the housing property. As both parties wish to make the housing purchase, the housing registration authority may inquire into matter from the both parties, then after prudent examination, make a determination that both parties have reached mutual intention to handle the administrative registration of the title to the housing property. In accordance with the application filed by one party for the registration of housing ownership, the housing registration authority had issued the certificate of ownership to the party who filed the application. Although procedural flaws are being detected, it has not yet reached the level of revocation.

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