Node Authentication in IoT-Enabled Sensor Network Using Middleware

  • Deepak Prashar
  • Ranbir Singh Batth
  • Atul MalhotraEmail author
  • KavitaEmail author
  • Varam Sudhakar
  • Bhupinder Kaur
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1059)


Internet of Things (IoT) always has various issues because of its heterogeneous nature and thus is not very effective while accommodating the authentication mechanisms. To resolve this issue of authentication of the nodes involved in a particular application, a middleware has been proposed in this paper. This proposed middleware acts as a gateway between IoT devices and provides the user the ability of node authentication in wireless sensor network (WSN). When a node or a user accesses the network at any time, it is verified by the middleware. It is also capable to handle the heterogeneous messages which are the main challenge in IoT. By executing proposed framework, interoperability issue between IoT networks can be resolved.


Wireless sensor network Authentication Security Internet of Things 


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