Enhanced Firefly Algorithm for Optimum Steel Construction Design

  • S. CarbasEmail author
Part of the Springer Tracts in Nature-Inspired Computing book series (STNIC)


The philosophy of structural engineering is the consideration of safety, economy and aesthetics in fundamentally meeting the requirement for sheltering. So, the design of the structures as to be safe and at the same time economical is the main aim of the designers. Thus, not only the construction is to be designed as safely carrying the calculated design loads limited to the structural provisions, but also the minimum level of material is to be used. So then, the steel structural engineers perform minimum weighted designs in order to select the optimum one among the feasible designs within the provision limits. Hence, a variety of structural optimization methods have been developed to solve these complex engineering problems. The traditional gradient-based mathematical methods are not sufficient to solve those tedious design problems. To this end, metaheuristics have been effectively utilized as an instrument of achieving the optimal structural designs. In this chapter, an enhanced version of firefly algorithm, which is based on the social behaviours of fireflies while communicating with each other, to prevent it from confinement in a local optima is presented in order to obtain the optimum design of various types of steel constructions under code provisions that such problem is categorized as discrete nonlinear programming problem.


Steel construction Optimum design Structural optimization Enhanced firefly algorithm Metaheuristics 


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