Demand Forecasting of Helicopter Aviation Materials Based on Multi-model Reliability Analysis

  • Peng Hui NiuEmail author
  • Wei Hu
  • Dan Lu
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1060)


In complicated helicopter equipment, different components have different characteristics about fault information. In the reliability and spare parts demand analysis, different analysis methods should be adopted on the basis of preliminary statistical analysis and in combination with the characteristics of equipment and spare parts. For the main problem in the practical work of the aviation units, this paper puts forward a helicopter material demand forecasting method based on multi-model reliability analysis. It mainly focuses on high-incidence trouble components, reliability growth components, and repairable components. Based on the reliability analysis, the accessories’ maintenance cycle could be calculated, and its requirements could be forecast. Some examples show its effectiveness.


Multi-model Reliability analysis Aviation material demand forecasting 


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  1. 1.Army Aviation Institute of PLATongzhou District, BeijingChina

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