A Study on Intrusion Detection System of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

  • S. SindhujaEmail author
  • R. Vadivel
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1057)


Nowadays, MANET is one of the most important research topics, as the mobile users are increased every day. MANET is infrastructureless service, so it does not require any fixed infrastructure. MANET can be used for more application such as disaster management, tactical operations, and environmental monitoring, and it can provide communications in the network. In MANET, every single node acts as transmitter and also the receiver. Due to this reason, each and every node will communicate directly. The individual-configuring capability of nodes is one of the reasons to make it popular for recovery during emergency. Wireless application made it possible because of the mobility and scalability in many applications. But this flexibility has the challenged risk of security in this environment. Mobile ad hoc networks have given the low level of physical security in general. So, only the prevention mechanism is not enough to secure, thus another detection mechanism should be added. The initial line of defense for security in MANET is intrusion detection system (EDSI). It presents the challenge of designing the intrusion detection system in MANET, analyzes the existing intrusion detection techniques, and proposes further directions.


Ad hoc networks Enhanced detection system for intrusion (EDSI) MANET Physical security 


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