Squeeze Film in a Ferrofluid Lubricated Rough Conical Plates: Comparison of Porous Structures

  • R. M. PatelEmail author
  • Gunamani Deheri
  • Pragna A. Vadher
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1057)


Present article is a comparison of the effects of porous structures on a Ferro fluid-based squeeze film in rough porous conical plates. The globular sphere model of Kozeny—Carman and capillary fissures model due to Irmay for porous structure have been considered for the investigation. The model of Christensen and Tonder has been imposed to calculate the effect of roughness. The distribution of pressure in the bearing is got by solving the concern equation of Reynolds’. Obtained results show that increasing values of the magnetization parameter result in increased load-carrying capacity. The effect of transverse roughness has been established to be adverse for both the structures. However, this effect is sharper for Irmay’s model. Besides, the contrary effect of porosity and roughness can be reduced by the positive effect of magnetization at least in the case of globular sphere model due to Kozeny—Carman. The semi-vertical angle of the cone also provides support in minimizes the poor effect of negatively skewed roughness. This article offers the suggestion that the Kozeny—Carman model may be preferred as related to the model proposed by Irmay.


Conical plates Magnetic fluid Porous structure Roughness Squeeze film 



Constructive suggestions and positive remarks by the reviewers for the improvement of the presentation and quality of this research article are acknowledged with regards.


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  • Gunamani Deheri
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  • Pragna A. Vadher
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