Big Data Analytics in Health Care

  • Tahmeena FatimaEmail author
  • Singaraju Jyothi
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In today’s world, data is growing exponentially and widespread accessibility of data led to analyze and visualize data effectively using analytical techniques in healthcare industry. Big data analytics play a vital role and provides long-term benefits in tremendously handling huge explosive data. In this paper, we present an overview of different big data platform tools and different technologies that support big data analytics in health care. It also describes different steps involved in big data analytics process and also presents ways to improve health care by considering various facts by using big data analytics. As big data analytics has the potential to provide useful insight in health care, this article uses a review methodology to categorize the uses of big data in health care. This study provides a baseline to assess the essential prospects of computational health informatics and the use of big data in health care in understanding different scopes of big data platforms.


Big data Healthcare Big data analytics Review of big data platforms and tools 


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