Educational Cloud Framework—A Literature Review on Finding Better Private Cloud Framework for Educational Hub

  • Nikhil WaghEmail author
  • Vikul Pawar
  • Kailash Kharat
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This paper is based on the review of cloud computing in educational field. The technology provides IT-level facilities with services-on-demand-based feature, i.e., cloud computing, one of the growing technologies in today’s era. The reason why all IT and educational societies are moving toward cloud computing is it offers such kinds of services which help to reduce the initial investment and take back the maximum output in terms of processing power, storage, and networking. But, for using cloud computing in educational society, there are two ways: First is taking services from third parties like Amazon, IBM, and so on. Second is developing our own cloud platform within the educational society by using commodity hardware or by current working systems in that society. Many educational hubs invested already on their own infrastructure instead of buying from third parties and using same services and same features without paying too much money. This paper also focuses on the how some educational societies are currently working on the cloud platform and why other schools, colleges, and universities must move toward cloud platform with proper data security assurance. To use this cloud services freely, there are some open-source platforms currently present in the market. This research is based on finding better private cloud platform for educational societies based on their performance.


Cloud computing PCEH Cloud platform IaaS PaaS SaaS Cloud frameworks Cloud foundry CloudStack OpenNebula OpenStack Nimbus 



We would like to thank Dr. P. B. Murnal, Dr. V. P. Kshirsagar, Dr. M. B. Nagori for their valuable support and guidance and Department of Computer Science and Engineering, GECA, Aurangabad, for providing healthy environment for research work.


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