Adaptive VM Migration and Allocation Mechanism in Cloud Environment

  • Narander KumarEmail author
  • Surendra Kumar
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The cloud computing is still important in research area, the extent that exploration and down-to-earth usage are concerned. Cloud designs and hardware are frequently heterogeneous and are for the most restrictive part. Information migration is the way towards transporting information between systems, servers, or organizations and in addition over the networks. Cloud comprises servers with each and every server focusing on having a substantial number of physical machines. In this chapter, we create a VM allocation over each physical machine; a virtual machine is made for the VM migration in the cloud environment and B&B-based approach for assigning multidimensional variable estimated to VMs at the virtual server. These results are formulated and make the analysis between the various allocation techniques like first fit approach, best fit technique, and modified technique, and we proposed an approach to do better VM migration in the cloud computing environment. After, energy-efficient VM migration procedure is presented to lessen energy utilization in the cloud environment.


VM allocation VM migration B&B technique Energy consumption Best fit technique First fit approach Cloud computing 


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