An Overview on Privacy Preservation and Public Auditing on Outsourced Cloud Data

  • Sonali D. KhambalkarEmail author
  • Shailesh D. Kamble
  • Nileshsingh V. Thakur
  • Nilesh U. Sambhe
  • Nikhil S. Mangrulkar
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 165)


Privacy preservation is the process of providing the solution for maintaining safety of outsourced data in cloud and the integrity of the outsourced data is checked with the help of public auditing. Outsourced cloud data offers big relief in terms of data storage in local machine, and security related to outsourced data is an important issue in the field of data management. This paper discusses the available encryption techniques to ensure privacy for a particular level in cloud. Based on the study of various literatures, no privacy preservation system is completely available in the present situation. The performance of available systems is evaluated based on security characteristics, that is, privacy, low computation cost, key exchange and management and so on. Still, there is a scope of improvement in designing a system to secure outsourced data storage with the help of privacy preservation and public auditing in terms of huge computation required to ensure integrity of data storage and reducing auditing time.


Privacy preservation Public auditing Cloud Outsourced data 


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