Proof of Authenticity-Based Electronic Medical Records Storage on Blockchain

  • Mustafa QaziEmail author
  • Devyani Kulkarni
  • Meghana Nagori
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 165)


Electronic health records driving over the hype of digitalization are currently booming in many hospitals. Despite advancements, plethora of challenges such as data interconnectivity, interoperability, and data sharing arises due to hospitals with their own hospital management information system form clusters of data. These can be solved by effectively employing blockchain platform. The authors in this work are proposing a novel consensus algorithm titled Proof of Authenticity over the distributed platform for all medical stakeholders. Unlike the previous approaches, wherein researchers were the miners, this work illustrates a methodology to implement blockchain for health care, where the hospitals and clinics are assumed the roles of both miners and validators. The peer-to-peer network is leveraged with a designed smart contract that follows the proof of authenticity mechanism. The medical stakeholders will access the medical data under security protocols and patient’s consent in a tamper-proof network. The proposed work aims for more patient centric and transparent health care.


Smart contracts Blockchain Electronic health records Proof of authenticity 


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  • Mustafa Qazi
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    Email author
  • Devyani Kulkarni
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  • Meghana Nagori
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  1. 1.Government College of EngineeringAurangabadIndia

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