Fluctuating Time Quantum Round Robin (FTQRR) CPU Scheduling Algorithm

  • Chhaya GuptaEmail author
  • Kirti Sharma
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1045)


In multitasking world of today, CPU scheduling is the only process to determine how different requests can be serviced which are in the ready queue waiting for execution. CPU scheduling algorithms make sure to increase the CPU utilization by decreasing “average turnaround time (TAT),” “average waiting time (WT),” and “context switches” among different processes. Round robin scheduling algorithm is the most efficient algorithm which is used to increase the efficiency of CPU. This paper is proposing a new fluctuating time quantum round robin algorithm (FTQRR) using attributes of “Dynamic Time Quantum based Round Robin” (DTQRR) (Berhanu et al. in Int J Comput Appl 167(13):48–55, 2017 [1]) and “Improved Round Robin with Varying Time Quantum” (IRRVQ) (Kumar Mishra and Rashid in Int J Comput Sci Eng Appl 4(4):1–8, 2014 [2]) such that “average turnaround time, average waiting time, and context switches” among various process will be minimized.


Round robin scheduling algorithm Average waiting time Average turnaround time Context switch Fluctuating time quantum 


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