Posterior Segment of Sports-Related Eye Injuries

  • Xuehui Lu
  • Danny Siu-Chun Ng
  • Haoyu Chen
Part of the Ocular Trauma book series (OCTRA)


Sports-related eye injuries may involve posterior segment structures, including vitreous, retinal, choroid, optic nerve, and retrobulbar tissues. Previous studies had shown that posterior segment involvement, poor initial visual acuity and younger age were associated with poor prognosis of sports-related injuries. Some of the injuries may lead to severe and irreversible vision loss. Careful investigation is needed to accurately diagnose these kinds of injuries. Proper management is also important to restore visual function. This chapter will describe the vitreous injury, choroid injury, retinal injury, retrobulbar hemorrhage, endophthalmitis and traumatic optic neuropathy in sports-related ocular injuries.


Retinal injury Choroidal injury Endophthalmitis Traumatic optic neuropathy 


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