Screening of Sports-Related Eye Injuries

  • Xiangda Meng
  • Xiaochang Yan
Part of the Ocular Trauma book series (OCTRA)


Sports-related eye injury is a series of ocular trauma that occured during exercises or games with high prevalence of eye injuries and high possibilities of causing blindness. Most of the injured patients were children or young males. This sight-threatening disease may have a huge impact on their lives. Screening of sports-related injuries is a good way for ophthalmologists and sanitarians exploring the prevalence, demographics, risk factors, causes of injury, injury types, severity, vision result, and measures for eye protection of these kind of diseases. In this chapter, we will talk about the screening of sports-related eye injuries, from the purpose, method of screening, and the importance of building up surveillance system.


Sports-related eye injury Screening Questionnaire Eye examination Surveillance 


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