Sideline Evaluation of the Injured Player

  • Stephen Ng
  • Nancy Wang
Part of the Ocular Trauma book series (OCTRA)


Sideline evaluation for suspected ocular injury can provide valuable information for triage and can lead to timely vision-preserving treatment.

The sideline evaluation consists of several elements. Firstly and most importantly an accurate history is crucial to determine the mechanism of injury. The type of object involved, its speed and the force on the eye and adnexa point to the type and extent of the resulting ocular injuries. Secondly, examination of the injured eye begins with assessing the visual acuity. Thirdly, adequate lighting and magnification are used to examine the eye. Palpation of the eyelids and around the eye is usually safe but the examination of the eye should be undertaken with care due to the risk of further displacing ocular contents if there is an open globe injury.


Sideline Evaluation Ocular injuries Ophthalmic assessment 


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