Copy–Move Attack Detection from Digital Images: An Image Forensic Approach

  • Badal SoniEmail author
  • Pradip K. Das
  • Dalton Meitei Thounaojam
  • Debalina Biswas
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 766)


Due to the new development of image handling tool or software, copy–move attack is increasingly becoming a common practice and on the other hand, the detection of such type of attack from digital images has become the challenging and active research area. This paper presents the recent block and keypoints-based Copy–Move Forgery Detection (CMFD) techniques. In this paper, we cover the critical discussions of different blocks and keypoints-based CMFD techniques with their pros and cons. The paper also describes the different publicly available databases and performance evaluation measures. Some unsolved research issues in the field of copy–move forgery detection is identified and present in this paper.


Copy–move forgery SIFT SURF Image forensics Image processing Image security Image matching Image feature Image stenography 


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  • Dalton Meitei Thounaojam
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  • Debalina Biswas
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