OpenFlow-Based Multi-controller Model for Fault-Tolerant and Reliable Control Plane

  • Nabajyoti MedhiEmail author
  • Dilip Kumar Saikia
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 767)


Software-defined networking (SDN), which decouples the control and data planes of the network, is one of the most promising paradigms in the recent networking architectures. The SDN concept relies on a centralized controller. However, a centralized architecture faces the challenges of scalability, availability and fault-tolerance. OpenFlow (OF), the most commonly used southbound interface for SDN, makes the provision of using multiple controllers. In this paper, we propose FOIL, a new Fault-tolerant OpenFlow multi-controller model with ICMP-based lightweight inter-controller communication for achieving fault-tolerance and reliability in the SDN control plane.


FOIL Fault-tolerance ICMP Lightweight communication Multi-controller OpenFlow Reliable control plane SDN 


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