Parallelization of Data Buffering and Processing Mechanism in Mesh Wireless Sensor Network for IoT Applications

  • Monika JainEmail author
  • Rahul Saxena
  • Siddharth Jaidka
  • Mayank Kumar Jhamb
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 767)


IoT, being a field of great interest and importance for the coming generations, involves certain challenging and improving aspects for the IoT application developers and researchers to work upon. A wireless sensor mesh networking has emerged as an attractive option for wide range of low-power IoT applications. This paper shows that how the data can be stored, read and processed parallelly by the parent node in the cluster from multiple sensor nodes, thus reducing the response time drastically. The use of parallelized algorithm for the communication protocol optimized using OpenMP standards for multi-core architecture between the sensors and parent node enables multiple radio technologies to be used for an application which could not be more than one in case of serial processing. The proposed algorithm has been tested for a wireless network application measuring temperature and moisture concentrations using numerous sensors for which the response time is recorded to be less than 10 ms. The paper also discusses in detail the hardware configurations for the application tested along with the results throwing light on the parallel mechanism for buffering and processing the messages. Finally, the paper is concluded by claiming the edge of parallel algorithm-based routing protocol over the serial in the light of graphical results and analysis.


Parallel algorithm Wireless Sensor Mesh network topology OpenMP IoT 


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  • Rahul Saxena
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  • Siddharth Jaidka
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  • Mayank Kumar Jhamb
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  1. 1.School of Computing and Information TechnologyManipal University JaipurJaipurIndia

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