Green Biotechnology: A Brief Update on Plastid Genome Engineering

  • R. K. B. Bharadwaj
  • Sarma Rajeev Kumar
  • Ramalingam SathishkumarEmail author


Plant genetic engineering has become an inevitable tool in the molecular breeding of crops. Significant progress has been made in the generation of novel plastid transformation vectors and optimized transformation protocols. There are several advantages of plastid genome engineering over conventional nuclear transformation. Some of the advantages include multigene engineering by expression of biosynthetic pathway genes as operons, extremely high-level expression of protein accumulation, lack of transgene silencing, etc. Transgene containment owing to maternal inheritance is another important advantage of plastid genome engineering. Chloroplast genome modification usually results in alteration of several thousand plastid genome copies in a cell. Several therapeutic proteins, edible vaccines, antimicrobial peptides, and industrially important enzymes have been successfully expressed in chloroplasts so far. Here, we critically recapitulate the latest developments in plastid genome engineering. Latest advancements in plastid genome sequencing are briefed. In addition, advancement of extending the toolbox for plastid engineering for selected applications in the area of molecular farming and production of industrially important enzyme is briefed.


Enzymes Lettuce Molecular farming Plastome Tobacco Vaccines 



The authors thank financial support to Department of Biotechnology, Bharathiar University, under DST- PURSE scheme.


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