Transport Governance Initiative (TGI) Toolkit

  • Kala Seetharam SridharEmail author
  • Ranjit Gadgil
  • Chhavi Dhingra


The genesis of the TGI toolkit lies in the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) toolkit created by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Prayas Energy Group, which deploys principles of good governance to improve decision-making processes in the urban transport sector and ensure it is environmentally sound, socially just, universally accessible, safe, equitable and efficient, based on principles of transparency (T), accountability (A), Participation (P) and Capacity (C) (TAP-C). This chapter describes the TGI toolkit in detail which consists of 381 indicators across the six functional categories of urban transport (which are also the instruments that govern the urban transport sector, i.e. policy, planning, standard setting, execution, budgeting and regulations). Each indicator comprises several elements of quality and relates to one of the aspects of governance, namely, TAP- C. Each indicator is described with a context, relevance, elements of quality and a guidance for how the indicator is to be assessed.


  1. Parisar and WRI India. (2018). Transport Governance Initiative: A Toolkit. Accessed 13 May 2019, 53 p.

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