A New Feedback Configuration for Canonical Realization of IIR Filters and Its Application to Lattice Realizations

  • Suhash Chandra Dutta RoyEmail author


A feedback configuration is presented for canonical realization of an arbitrary IIR transfer function H(z) = P(z)/Q(z) with \( M = P\left( z \right)^{0} < N = Q\left( z \right)^{0} \), which does not appear to have been discussed in the literature. It consists of an IIR transfer function F(z) of degree R. In the forward path, where M ≤ R < N, and an FIR transfer function G(z) of degree NM, in which the first RM + 1 terms are absent in the feedback path. F(z) and G(z) can be realized by any structure including lattice, if applicable. Application of this method is shown to solve the problem of canonical lattice realization of any IIR transfer function H(z) = P(z)/Q(z) in which M < N and the constant term in P(z) is absent.


IIR filters Feedback configuration Canonical realization Lattice structures 



After the publication of [2], it was pointed out by Professor S. K. Mitra of the University of California, Santa Barbara, that the idea of using two different parameters in a lattice section was exploited earlier in [4]. However, the approach, algorithms and the final realizations are, in general, different.


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  1. 1.Indian Institute of Technology DelhiNew DelhiIndia

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