Some Aspects of Digital and CTD Signal Processing

  • Suhash Chandra Dutta RoyEmail author


The work done by me and my students in the fields of digital and charge transfer device signal processing is briefly described. Some general comments on the future scope of work in these two related fields are included.


DSP CTD signal processing 



I would like to take this opportunity to express my grateful appreciation to the IETE for bestowing a great honour upon me through the award of the Fifth Ram Lal Wadhwa Gold Medal, and for inviting me to deliver a memorial lecture on which the chapter is based. I have been very privileged to have studied under great teachers like (Late) Professor H. P. De, (Late) Professor J. N. Bhar, Professor A. K. Choudhury, Professor S. Deb, Professor M. K. Dasgupta, Professor A N. Daw and Professor B. R. Nag, to all of whom I express my gratitude. I have also been lucky to have worked in wonderful academic environments provided by the IIT Delhi, University of Minnesota, USA, University of Leeds, England, and the Iowa State University, USA; to all those responsible for creating and maintaining this environment, I owe deep indebtedness. Finally, I have been exceptionally lucky in working with a band of very brilliant and dedicated students, some of whom I have specifically named during the course of this lecture, and a group of outstanding colleagues; to all of them, I owe a special word of appreciation and thanks.


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