Application of New Evaporative Cooling Air-Conditioning System in a Data Center in Xinjiang

  • Xiang HuangEmail author
  • Zhicheng Guo
  • Zhenwu Tian
  • Jingwen Xuan
  • Jincheng Yan
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The principle, characteristics, operation mode and performance test results of the evaporative cooling air–water air-conditioning system are introduced in this paper, in which the evaporative water chiller is adopted as the main cooling source and the evaporative cooling fresh air handling unit as the auxiliary cooling source in a data center room in Xinjiang. The system utilizes local dry air energy and low-temperature air as natural cooling sources. It not only realizes 100% free cooling throughout the year, but also effectively solves the high-temperature crash problem and freezing in the cooling tower of traditional water-cooled air-conditioning system in winter in Xinjiang based on direct evaporative cooling technology, indirect evaporative cooling technology and ethylene glycol-free cooling technology. According to the summer test of the system, the system is stable, and the refrigerating coefficient of performance of the air-conditioning system is 6.65, and the summated refrigerating coefficient of performance (SCOP) is 16.64, which has a significant effect on reducing the energy consumption of data center.


Data center Free cooling Evaporative cooling air–water air-conditioning system 



Supported by National key research and development program(Grant No.2016YFC0700404).


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  • Xiang Huang
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  • Zhicheng Guo
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  • Zhenwu Tian
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  • Jingwen Xuan
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  • Jincheng Yan
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  1. 1.School of Urban Planning and Municipal EngineeringXi’an Polytechnic UniversityXi’anChina

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