Visible Photocatalysis of a Building Glass Coated with N-F-TiO2/rGO

  • Qiwen Jiang
  • Jialin Hou
  • Jialu Liu
  • Yukun Fu
  • Yanhua LiuEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Environmental Science and Engineering book series (ESE)


It is significant for the removal of environmental pollutants if a glass which is widely used in daily life has photocatalysis. In this study, different types of photocatalytic glass are prepared by coating with a nano-composite film. This N-F-TiO2/rGO (TGNF) film is made by compositing TiO2 doped with N and F ions (N-F-TiO2) and the reduced graphene (rGO) via sol-gel method. Then the glass with TGNF film is characterized by XRD, AFM, and UV-Vis. The visible-light photocatalytic activity of the composite materials is evaluated by the degradation of methylene blue aqueous solution, a typical organic pollutant, to study the effects of fluorine doping amount on the properties of the materials. The experimental results are as follows: (1) The degradation efficiency of the glass coated with TGNF film is greater than that with TiO2 doped with N and the composite of N-TiO2 and rGO; (2) The optical absorption of the glass coated with TGNF film is super-strong in the visible light region from 380 to 800 nm; (3) The TGNF film added with 9% F ions and calcined at 400 °C has the highest photocatalytic efficiency and relatively optimal transmission.


Graphene Fluorine nitrogen co-doping Nano-composite film Photocatalysis Building glass 


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