A Primary Study of New Indexes for Air Pollutant

  • Jiamin Guo
  • Peng XueEmail author
  • Mengjing Zhao
  • Guangtao Fan
  • Bohan Ding
  • Jiaping Liu
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China has been experiencing and suffering in a serious air pollution problem these years and has brought air quality into spotlight. Air pollution is a key factor of indoor air quality and has a considerable impact on the public health and indoor occupants’ activities. China still adopts air quality index (AQI) and primary pollutant for assessing the degree of air pollution, which ignore the effects of non-primary pollutants during the same period and the dynamic characteristics of all pollutants. In order to consider the comprehensive impact of various pollutants on air quality, the total air quality index (TAQI) is proposed as an indicator to measure the total air quality. A new index, contribution rate (IAQIP/TAQI), is further proposed as the contribution of a pollutant to total air quality, which may be much different from the chief pollutant. In this study, the daily average values of six pollutants’ concentrations in thirty-one provincial capital nationwide from 2014 to 2017 are used as data sources. According to these indexes, the dynamic characteristic of local air pollutant composition is studied and explored. The indexes proposed in this study have a guiding significance for improving air quality evaluation and help create better indoor air environment in different regions.


Air pollutant Outdoor air quality Air quality index Dynamic characteristic Annual trend 



This work was supported by National Key R&D Program of China (2018YFC0705202-02), and it is also a part of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Youth Program (51808011).


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