Unraveling David Plane’s Tools for Analyzing the Income Impacts of Interregional Migration Flows

  • Jacques LedentEmail author
Part of the New Frontiers in Regional Science: Asian Perspectives book series (NFRSASIPER, volume 40)


Two decades ago, David Plane introduced several tools for analyzing the redistribution of money associated with interregional migration flows (Plane D, Int J Popul Geogr 5:195–212, 1999). But, although these seminal tools were totally correct, they did not deliver all of what they could aspire to because, in several instances, they were not pushed to their logical end. The purpose of this chapter thus is to revisit Plane’s tools and to rework them to reveal their full potential for understanding how interregional migration flows affect a region’s aggregate and per capita income.


Economic impacts Income Interregional migration Interregional redistribution Population Regional modeling Spatial analysis 


  1. Plane D (1999) Geographical pattern analysis of income migration in the United States. Int J Popul Geogr 5:195–212CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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