Study on Design of Vehicle Driver’s Control Area Based on Man-Machine System

  • Tong WuEmail author
  • Yuqi Yuan
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Objective To study the optimization design of vehicle driver control area layout based on human-machine system. Methods Analyze the current human-computer interaction mode in the driving environment and driver control area in China. Under the premise of human-centered (Tan et al. in Pack Eng 33, 2012 [1]), the ergonomics knowledge is applied to the design process, and a number of schemes are designed to construct a three-dimensional model. Result Integrate the physical function keys of the driver’s control area, use the large-size LED screen to integrate the console into the integrated design, change the human-computer interaction environment between the driver and the control area, and provide more ergonomic operation behavior.. Conclusion The ergonomically designed driving control environment can provide a pleasant driving experience for the driver, increase the efficiency of the driver’s acceptance of information, reduce the driver’s fatigue and increase the driving safety index. Finally, the theory is verified through design practice and contributes to the more perfect development of automotive interior design.


Ergonomics Control area design Human-computer interaction Information transmission 


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  1. 1.Shenyang Aerospace UniversityShenyangChina

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