Design and Optimization of Command Software Interface

  • Chunfeng ZhuEmail author
  • Danhua Sun
  • Zuohui Bao
  • XiaoFei Zhai
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Command software is the soul and core of the command system. With more and more functions and more and more complex use, the usability problem becomes more and more prominent, which becomes the bottleneck restricting the effectiveness of weapons and equipment. In reality, the development of command software is usually carried out by third-party technicians. However, the third-party technicians have always focused on software decision-making model and function realization, but there is little concern about software interface design. Based on my own operational experience, this paper puts forward my own understanding and cognition of the current commonly used command software interface design problems.


Software interface Design Optimization 


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  • Danhua Sun
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  • Zuohui Bao
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  • XiaoFei Zhai
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  1. 1.Zhengzhou CampusCPLA, Army Artillery and Air Defense Forces AcademyZhengzhouChina

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