Analysis of Syncope Problem in Single Elderly and Application of Related Monitoring Products

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This study aims at the problem of the aging of the world’s population, the present situation of the “single elderly” group, the common diseases and symptoms of the elderly living in China, the use of sensors, etc. In order to improve both the instructions of solitary life of single elderly and their physical and mental health, product design strategy is used in this study. This paper analyzes the symptoms of common diseases and the use of sensors in the elderly population in China by investigating the existing cases and thus provides a design strategy based on sensors. In view of the behavior dynamics of the target population, the interview content is collected by applying the approach of interviewing focus group. Four key words are summarized after the oral analysis of the content, which is real-time, timely, one-touch operation and passive operation. The design is developed about these four key words in order to get a clear direction and coherence. The innovation of the final product is mainly “active operation” and “double monitoring guarantee,” which could improve the accuracy of syncope monitoring and timeliness of the indicator ultimately.


The single elderly syncope monitoring active operation Surroundings 


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