Bioinformatics and Microarray-Based Technologies to Viral Genome Sequence Analysis

  • Mayank Pokhriyal
  • Barkha Ratta
  • Brijesh S. YadavEmail author


Identification of microbial pathogen is an important event which lead to diagnosis, treatment, and control of infections produce by them. The high-throughput technology like microarray and new-generation sequencing machine are able to generate huge amount of nucleotide sequences of viral and bacterial genome of both known and unknown pathogens. Few years ago it was the DNA microarrays which had great potential to screen all the known pathogens and yet to be identified pathogen simultaneously. But after the development of a new generation sequencing, technologies and advance computational approach researchers are looking forward for a complete understanding of microbes and host interactions. The powerful sequencing platform is rapidly transforming the landscape of microbial identification and characterization. As bioinformatics analysis tools and databases are easily available to researchers, the enormous amount of data generated can be meaningfully handled for better understanding of the microbial world. Here in this chapter, we present commentary on how the computational method incorporated with sequencing technique made easy for microbial detection and characterization.


Microarray New-generation sequencing Microbial pathogens Diagnosis Bioinformatics data analysis 


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