Diversity in Cellulose-Degrading Microbes and Their Cellulases: Role in Ecosystem Sustainability and Potential Applications

  • Anica Dadwal
  • Shilpa Sharma
  • Tulasi Satyanarayana


Cellulose is a renewable carbon source, which is an abundant natural biopolymer present in agricultural and forest residues. A great variety of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbes are known to produce cellulose-degrading enzymes. Besides well-known cellobiohydrolase, endoglucanase and β-xylosidase, other enzymes such as lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase (LPMO) have been reported to play a role in cellulose hydrolysis. This chapter focuses on the diversity of cellulose-degrading microbes and various cellulolytic enzymes produced by them. Cellulases are one of the widely used enzymes in textile, paper and pulp, wine and brewery, biofuel and pharmaceutical industries. The role of cellulose degradation in the ecosystem sustainability and multifarious biotechnological applications of cellulases are briefly described.


Biofuel Bioethanol Lignocellulosics Cellulases Cellulose-degrading microbes Ecosystem sustainability 


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