The BRI and Its Different Manifestations

  • Srikanth Thaliyakkattil


Though primarily projected as an infrastructure connectivity initiative between China and other regions and countries, BRI have different manifestations other than infrastructure connectivity. As an important part of the BRI strategy, it is defined as a vague initiative without any geographical limitation. Though Chinese officialdom tried to project the “benefit” narrative of the BRI, large section of Chinese intelligentsia viewed it as an investment initiative with various challenges and risks. Contradictions and vagueness helped China to project BRI as an all-inclusive strategy. The key term which defined the BRI is aligning or linking (Duijie (对接)). It is used often to “link” BRI with, among other things, countries, industries, regions, sports, infrastructure, culture and religion. Vagueness became a double edged sword for BRI, initially it helped BRI to include in it everything China wanted, but later the vagueness was viewed with suspicion by other countries.


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