Challenges Encountered for Enrolment in Aawaz Health Insurance Scheme by Construction Migrant Workers in Kerala

  • N. C. SreekumarEmail author


The state of Kerala has been a favourite soil for internal migrants in India in the recent years. The number of migrants multiplies every year owing to the high demand for labourers in unorganized sectors and high wages in Kerala. The state government, considering the significance of the migrants in the state economy and labour force, has introduced a slew of schemes over the years to provide social security to them. Aawaz is a new health insurance scheme, first of its kind in India that looks forward to bring all migrants under its cover. However, Aawaz enrolment is problematic and full of impediments. Despite the best efforts taken by the officials, the enrolment is still incomplete due to a variety of reasons. This paper takes a look at the factors that come in the way of implementation of the Aawaz in full swing and how the government personnel manage to overcome the challenges.


Construction migrant workers Informal sector Kerala Aawaz health insurance scheme Enrolment issues 


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