Comparison-Based Study of PageRank Algorithm Using Web Structure Mining and Web Content Mining

  • Nitesh PradhanEmail author
  • V. S. Dhaka
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On the internet, a large number of information is available, which consolidates data and hyperlinks. With the large heterogeneous information resource, it is very difficult to locate the coveted data that matched with client needs and intrigue. To recover the relevant report from the user’s query, we use different types of algorithms. Page Ranking is additionally one of the groundbreaking algorithms to recover the best significant records that likewise lessen the client’s searching time. Web mining instruments are utilized by page ranking algorithm. Web mining device is utilized to arrange, group, and rank the report so the client can without much of a stretch finish the guide the query item and search the required data content. Mining can be done using two types, namely “Web Structure Mining” and “Web Content Mining”. In Web Structure Mining, rank the pages on the preface of their hyperlinks and in Web Content Mining, rank the pages on the premise of content of the pages. This paper portrays the examination and consolidates investigation of Web Structure Mining and Web Content Mining to enhance the positioning of pages.


Linked-based search Cluster Page ranking Weighted PageRank 


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