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Transforming and Managing Healthcare Projects

  • Janya Chanchaichujit
  • Albert Tan
  • Fanwen Meng
  • Sarayoot Eaimkhong


In this chapter, we will explain how the process transformation methodology can be used to redesign healthcare processes in order to meet changing customer needs, based on input from customers. This methodology has been in used for many years in Singapore, and some of the successful implementations include the National Library Board, National Healthcare Group and the Port of Singapore Authority. The intention is to achieve drastic improvements in process efficiency, along with a possible reduction in operating costs. In addition to the methodology, we would like to introduce Agile project management for implementing such projects since the requirements from customers and users are bound to change over time. Agile project management will be able to cope with changes in project scope, especially for IT systems.


Transformation healthcare Agile methodology Waterfall methodology Healthcare project Assumption surfacing Migration plan 



The authors would like to express their sincere gratitude to Ms Malai Williams. She contributed to this chapter regarding the development idea of a healthcare project and change management by using Waterfall and Agile methodology. Her expertise in IT project management, especially in healthcare, has helped us to share key success factors with the reader on transforming and managing healthcare projects.


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  • Albert Tan
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  • Sarayoot Eaimkhong
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