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On July 18, 2016, in the Palau De La Música Catalana, the Orfeó Gracienc assembled to finish a concert that had begun 80 years earlier. Their predecessors had sung Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Montjuïc under the instruction of Pau Casals, but the military insurrection meant their voices, and the hymn of universal brotherhood they were singing, would never be heard by the world. As Casals fled the city that night and the shots rang out behind him, he declared his intent to conduct the “Ode to Joy” after the conflict finished. Casals never managed to fulfil his desire, but 80 years to the day after he and the choir parted company, they once again launched into the verse which had been the last many of the former choristers would sing together “Abraceu-vos, oh! milions! Petó de la Humanitat! Brinda celestial bondat” (get up you millions! The embrace of humanity provides heavenly blessings).


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