Graphics-Sequenced Interpretation of ECG

  • Rui Zeng


After learning the basics of ECG in previous sections, now we come to the part learning how to interpret ECG. Based on experience of years of clinical teaching, the author had summarized a simple and practical study method—Graphics-Sequenced Interpretation of ECG. There are two key words here, one is ECG Graphics, which means understanding the mechanisms that cause normal and abnormal ECG tracing and memorizing them based on Graphics. Another one is Sequence, which means interpreting an ECG tracing following the order that it is generated (P wave, PR interval, QRS complex, ST segment, T wave, QT interval, U wave). In this way, analysis of ECG can be quite easy and would not miss any significant diagnostic information. In following study, we will learn how to use this method to interpret ECG. In general, when you come across an ECG tracing, you should follow these steps:

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