Coronin: An Overview

  • Samridhi Pathak
  • Ricka Gauba
  • Sarath Chandra Dantu
  • Avinash KaleEmail author


Coronin is one of the complex proteins involved in the acting polymerization cascade. It is a multidomain protein which is known to have been involved in diverse functions across higher eukaryotes. There had been lots of literature available which provide different modes of classification of coronins, which is quite confusing for the readers. In the current chapter, we have summarized the distinct classification systems for coronin that are available in the literature and how they co-relate with one another. Further, we discuss various structural aspects known for the coronin. Till date very little is known about this protein from the prospective of apicomplexans as majority of work has been focused upon higher eukaryotes. Finally, we talk about the interaction of coronin with actin on the basis of available literature.

Supplementary material

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ST_CRN-1 Sequence comparison identity matrix for coronin proteins used in the current study (XLSX 57 kb)


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