Spacecraft Automation Test Procedure and System Design

  • Yongcong HeEmail author
  • Feng Yang
  • Liang Ren
  • Chao Cheng
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 550)


In view of the fact that the existing manned spacecraft electrical measurement process cannot be streamlined and automated, it consumes a considerable amount of human resources and time costs, the manned spacecraft automated test program and system were designed. Through the analysis and design of the format, function and processing flow of the automated test program, the basic data resources for spacecraft electrical survey are provided, and the automatic test system is designed to realize the automation and process of the spacecraft electrical test cycle. It is suitable for different series spacecraft electrical survey, effectively reduce the manual operation of the testers and the number of personnel, improve the test efficiency, meet the high-intensity ground test, and efficiently complete the high-density manned spacecraft launch mission.


Spacecraft Electrical test Automation test procedure Automation test 


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