Molecular Breeding

  • P. M. Priyadarshan


Application of molecular biology in plant breeding is molecular breeding. The process of developing new crop varieties through conventional means can take almost 25 years, but the application of biotechnology has considerably shortened the time to 7–10 years for deriving new crop varieties for commercial exploitation. One of the tools for easier and faster selection of plant traits is marker-assisted selection (MAS). The areas of molecular breeding include QTL mapping or gene discovery, marker-assisted selection and genomic selection, genetic engineering and genetic transformation.


What Are Molecular Markers? Genetic Markers Classical Markers DNA Markers Summary of Major Classes of Genetic Markers Prerequisites for Molecular Breeding Activities of Marker-Assisted Breeding What is Mapping? MAS for Qualitative Traits MAS for Quantitative Traits QTL Detection (Statistical) Next-Generation Molecular Breeding Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS) RFLP, and AFLP as Tools to Map Genomes RAPD Technique Genetic Maps Physical Maps 

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